When SENS operates your factory, your time and money are also moves
Reduce error rate to lengthen service life of machine.
Resolve problems properly to enhance productivity.
Comfortable working environment using network.
The most effect with the least labor.
Working status
Window showing status of the embroidery machine selected in detail.Double click to confirm enlarged drawing part in the separate window.
Table setting status
Window which provides setting status of sequence table for color change and functions such as Edit, Copy, Embed.
Thread break
Provide thread break information for the embroidery machine being connected to network. (by Head, Color)
Design transfer
Transfer design wirelessly using network.
Basic settings
Window which provides basic setting information of connected embroidery machine by part and application function for changed setting value
Work history
Provides status histories of connected embroidery machine and design of which work is finished. This has functions of search by condition and creating text report based on search result.